Process of Dental Implants

To understand the procedures and processes of dental implants you need to understand that how they work and how they look like. Let’s start with an example; if your car’s tires are getting punctured again and again, then you need to stop fixing them and get new tires instead. Same is the case that goes with teeth, if you are having regular checkups and it reduces the pain that is temporary. You need to go for dental implants. What dental implants do is that you will get a new tooth or you can say an artificial tooth which will be attached to your jawbone and gums just like any other tooth.

You must be thinking what a dental implant looks like! Depending upon your condition of teeth, some people have to get their jawbones fixed to get the tooth or teeth for placement. Dental implants include screws and different kind of framework and these are made up on titanium. Titanium has recently hit the medical market as soon as the doctors made the discovery that bones are similar to it and they don’t pick up infections like other metals that were used in the past. And if the screw has to go in the gums, which is like a small cylinder, that too is made up of this alloy. Due to this alloy you won’t even feel that there are any screws.

Now coming to the procedure, to go through dental implants you have to be a healthy person, if the dentist says that you are. And if your health is not up to the mark, then you will be given general anesthesia in a hospital and the surgery will be done there. You will have to have an anesthesia test to see if you are not allergic to any. Although, it may take many months to get the implants done but the second step will be to place the implant in your jaw and in gums where the teeth needs to be. And the third and last process will take place after 6 months when the jaw is healed. In this process, you get to have your very own titanium tooth or teeth. But if you want fast results travel of UAE and look for the best Abu Dhabi dental clinic and the best set of braces in Abu Dhabi as well. They guarantee to get done with the implants within 3 months.