How to diagnose a failed transmission

If your car is one of those models which had a poor transmission then it is probably in danger. A failed transmission can cost a lot to maintain and keep repairing it again and again. Even when you are doing your best to repair and maintain the car, the transmission can still fails and no one will be to blame.

Low maintenance

Despite the poor transmission make, a low maintenance can be highly a major factor which more lets down the already distraught quality. Transmissions have a fluid in them which keeps the car in motion and if that liquid is of wrong type or in incorrect amounts such as very high or very low, then it can also affect the maintenance. Your mechanic will be a good advisor in this case and can help you in figuring out what is best for you.

Drive safe

If you have a driving habit or live in such an area where there is traffic and the roads are always full then this kind of driving schedule can affect any kind of car. A highway kind of drive and long steady car rolling in the road can be in much more benefit than the usual traffic area. Make sure that you drive your car in a safe zone and away from the stop and go traffic.

Rattling and other sounds

If you have been hearing the usual vibration and rattling sounds in the engine then it can be a sign of something. Something worse. This can indicate to several problems and transmission fail being one of them. Though your mechanic can explain and diagnose it in a much more detailed version, but it can be pointing out to the broken or about to break transmission failure.

Unexpected Heat

This can be a very dangerous sign and this can also mean that your car is on the verge of bursting. This heating is caused due to the overworking of engine and its capacity being full from working to an extent. This kind of issue should be immediately looked after and automatic transmission repair Dubai should be opted.

Until you decide your next step we suggest to be safe and take precautionary measures.

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