Dubai the City of Dreams

At its initial glance, Dubai presents a present-day contemporary face, an ever-growing skyline with a variety of new developments including concrete towers with striking glass and modern day buildings. All these things incorporate outstanding traditional “Arabian” architectural motifs.

Dubai embraces a variety of outclass sceneries within a limited area. Due to these features, Dubai is an ever-evolving unique city which has been attracting tourists from all around the globe. In short, it is a “city of dreams”. Due to Dubai’s fast developing infrastructure facilities, it is one of the most fast-evolving cities which has been attracting a variety of tourists every now and then. This city possesses a golden heart with a worldwide destination for a large array of people.

Due to a number of reasons Dubai has gained popularity and some of these reasons are as follow

The Genesis

Dubai is such a city which has been built on its ruler’s visionary determination. It is due to these rulers zeal that a variety of entrepreneurs and tourists visit this place every year. Dubai is a “cultural crossroad” which has been evolving around Arabs and Middle Eastern people. This culture attracts a variety of people due to its eye-catching sceneries, mouthwatering food, and fabulous shopping malls. Dubai also has man-made islands and underwater luxury resorts are also being built there.


Dubai has been experiencing “tropical and arid climate”. Sometimes one may also experience sunny and humid climate too. It does not frequently rain in Dubai. The rain patterns are quite irregular there.


Dubai has one of the world’s best infrastructures. One is able to see the smallest and even the tallest building in this city. Infrastructural developments are taking place every now and then. Due to these developments, Dubai has been attracting a number of tourists every year. A number of people also love working in this beautiful city because of its worth noticing infrastructure.

Exceptional Destinations

There are a variety of places which are worth seeing in Dubai. It has the world’s famous safari deserts. The sea view to man-made islands everything is exceptional. People have always opted for Dubai as their favorite holiday destination because of its eye-catching views. It does offer a “rich cultural” region. The hotels and eateries in Dubai never fail to impress its tourists. Being able to eat rich, scrumptious food people in Dubai always feel like they are having homemade food.

Safe City to Reside In

People in Dubai are able to roam about here and there without being afraid that they will be robed. Providing protection to its citizens and different tourists are the topmost priority of Dubai’s government. It has always taken care of the individual’s rights and due to this reason people prefer residing in this city. The people in Dubai are quite friendly and they always ensure that another person feels safe and secure in their particular city.

These are a few reasons why Dubai has gained importance in such a short span of time.