Office Administrator and HR

Office administration is a set of everyday activities that are related to office work such as financial planning, record keeping, and billing, personnel, physical distribution, and logistics. These whole sets of activities are performed in an organization. The office administrator is expected to perform many tasks at a time. The main role of an administrator is multitasking. He will have to work with teams, oversee the operations of the company, coordinate with the management of the organization, and do some planning according to the required needs of the company.

Skills of an Office Administrator:

Following are some qualities and skills which are required in an office administrator.

•    First of all, an administrator should have great communication skills. As the administrator has to meet many people and engage in meetings daily. If he has poor communication skills he would not be able to do things in the way they need to be done.

•    Another important skill which is a must for administrating staff is their research skills. This way they would be able to compile and summarize the reports they are assigned.

•    The office administration staff will also need to show their abilities in filing and paper management. They should be capable enough to complete a file on the go.

•    Typing is yet another skill necessary for administrators, so they can work quickly and efficiently.

•    In the life of an administrator not more than two days are similar. At one moment he would be working in an office, on the other moment he would be required to complete a project, or host a meeting. To settle in such a routine, an administrator should have a flexible routine.

The Necessity of Recruitment for an Administrator:

Recruitment refers to the process through which suitable candidates are attracted, interviewed, shortlisted, selected and then appointed to fill in vacancies at an organization. Managers, human resource generalists (HR), and recruitment specialists may be hired for the process of recruitment. But sometimes an administrator or group of an administrator may be assigned with this task. This shows the necessity of office administrator recruitment training that is to choose a suitable employee for the job available.

Human Resources Management (HR):

Human resources management and department comprise of the people who arrange and organize the business sector, economy, and organization itself. An HR may handle relations between employee, payroll, and benefits of an organization.

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