Benefits of Being a Barber

A barber is a person who has a job of cutting your hair, trim the beard, treating your skin and doing whatever else is there in the offers and services of a salon. Being a barber has become very trendy because the salon for men are becoming common each day. The can be more than 2 or 3 gent’s salons in your area. Salon either big or small, there are at least 3 or more barbers in a salon. Because there is an expert for everything and men are becoming more careful and creative about their skins and hair as well. First this luxury was only limited towards women but now products of men have also emerged a lot in the market.

So, being a barber is a good career and they have good salaries as well. Just like any other career, barbers also start off with less salaries and slowly and gradually they get a raise because in this business, people would only prefer a barber who is experienced because, one single bad or mistakenly handled blade can give bad injuries and give a bad haircut. And we all know that men lose hair 10 times faster than a woman. This is why owners of the salon make sure to pay higher to the experienced one. A regular barber makes 20,000 dirhams in a year excluding the tip and a pro barber makes more than 90,000 dirham excluding tip.

Men have simple needs as compared to women, they would go in a salon and ask for a cut or a trim. There are a very less number of men who would want a stylish beard look and a haircut. And still there is a very less number of men who would get a facial or any other skin treatment. So, being a barber is easy because men will be happy with whatever you suggest them and it is not a time taking task. Being a barber allows you to be creative and that will increase your experience as well. You can practice on wigs for hair styling and get dummies for practicing the beard styles. If you have what it takes to be a very professional you can also open your own business as well, you can open a gent’s salon in tecom and you can also open a shop of barber in media city Dubai too.