Benefits of a healthy sleep

Sleeping is something which most of us love yet we still ignore it and sacrifice just to keep reading our favourite book or watch the one last episode of the series – while for others it is worse, they are sleep deprived due to their work. This all should be stopped right away and instead you must aim for a good 8 hour sleep which has several benefits such as:

  • Lower risk of heart diseases

Heart diseases have become pretty common these days and as most of them tend to occur during the early morning hours. The way your blood vessels interact with sleep is very important. Lack of sleep can lead to worsening of blood pressure and cholesterol as well as other related risks. So drop off everything and go ahead sleep for at least 7-9 hours on your new best bedroom furniture in Dubai.

  • Avoid cancer

Melatonin is a sleep hormone which controls your body’s sleep clock which helps protecting against cancer and growth of tumour. People who seem to be working on night shifts or stay up late along with their electronics are said to be on the higher risk of developing breast and colon cancer. So tuck away your electronics at least half an hour before bed time so that your body can produce the sleep hormone to help you keep safe.

  • Avoid stress

You must have heard the funny recommendation from people which suggests on going to beds Dubai when life feels stressful. Well, this can actually be helpful. Stress is one of those things which will increase the risk of heart strokes and in order to avoid that, take a long nap and wake up because things are not going to get solved even if you avoid sleeping but you will surely have a fresh perspective to think from once you wake up.

  • Wakefulness and freshness

Sleep releases endorphins in your body which are a happy or mood enlightening hormone. Have you ever noticed how grumpy you are until you fall asleep and wake up with clear fresh mind? This is because your body is now awake and more alert about everything which makes it easy to focus on things. With this fresh mind, you will now enjoy your daily activities and would like to participate in things more.