Voice over artist and Dubai

Dubai is not the city only. It is the home of thousands of nationalities who don’t stay there. They live there. They follow their culture and find themselves adjusted in the lifestyle of Middle East too. Their presence do not influence the region but it make the place must-visit for everyone because of the presence of: 

  1. Inter-cultural harmony
  2. Acceptance
  3. Kindness, and 
  4. Familiarity.

It is the hybrid of city and home. That’s the reason why everyone is able to live so peacefully there without missing their native countries. Therefore, Dubai does not has 

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Cuisines
  3. Hotels, 
  4. Brands.

It also shelters the corporate world of international world as well. There are agricultural industries and communication channels of different countries too. That’s the reason why so many channels of Pakistan and USA are aired from Dubai! There are so many

  1. Radio stations
  2. News channel offices, and 
  3. Publishing houses 

Middle East has its own industries and communicative channels as well. Their radio stations are a bit different from other countries’ stations. Their stations provide same services but they also provide voice over services too in which professional voice over artists read: 

  1. Scripts
  2. Advertisements
  3. Reviews, and
  4. News  

For the radio station or for the client who approach the station. Unlike other stations, these stations have complete department of voice over artist in which there are professional and junior voice over artists who have command on English and Arabic, both.

Each and every English and Arabic voice over artist are assisted by providing them training for few days to let them adjust in the office but they all have to prove themselves capable. They need to work harder than others because foreigners work the best for the cheapest. Therefore, they need to polish their skills immensely. Hence, they are recommended to

  1. Practice to speak loudly and clearly with pauses and intonations to make their speech ear-gluing.
  2. Read daily to feed their brain with information 
  3. Write daily to become better in expressing themselves
  4. Make contacts with producers and RJs because it help the most
  5. Keep their voice box healthy, and
  6. Be confident.

So, these are few guidelines for people who dream to work in Dubai recording studio. The main objective of this article is to tell them that voice over artists face lots of difficulties in their career because of having immense competition.