Information About Different Marketing Methods

In olden days there is no concept of marketing there is only a concept of sales. In sales, people focus only to sales enhancement. They don’t consider the customer’s need and satisfaction. But in marketing, it is focused on what customer need is and their satisfaction level. So, business personal always do research on customer’s needs. They also want to know more about the people because the more they know the people the more they get customer satisfaction. In this way, customer loyalty can be achieved and also the free publicity. This is the time of marketing. So, every business is involving in the marketing activities as per their budget and requirement. 

Some of the companies spent a lot of budget to their marketing campaigns in order to achieve the sales target. People hire expensive and renowned artists for TV commercials. The most expensive marketing is the TV commercials. It has some limitations that it is expensive, you have not enough time to market in detail etc. in this type you have to choose the right TV channel and right time for the commercials, you have to monitor the commercials whether it is on air timely or duration of advertisement on air completely or not. 

The other method of marketing is radio. Some radio channels have more viewers so, you can on air your ad on that channels but it has some limitations like you cannot catch the eyes of people etc. in this way, you can only catches the ears of the listeners. This is not the effective way these days as compare to the others.

SMS marketing is the other method. These days, bulk SMS marketing is getting too much popularity because it is very low cost and have better effectiveness. In this way, you can send SMS to many people directly. So, there are good opportunities to get more sales via this type of marketing. It is basically a short message of your business to cell phone users whether feature cell phone user or smart cell phone user.

Email marketing is also the method which business personals are using in order enhance the sales. These days, email marketing in UAE is getting growth day by day. Whatsapp is also the method that successfully used. Facebook marketing is the most useful method in this era. These types of marketing are inexpensive and effective for any business.